Infrequently, introduces a contemporary ingredient that is also leveraged to set your profile even extra attention-grabbing to colleagues and recruiters. Most fair right this moment, they’ve added a “featured” allotment which enables mavens to existing media—every little thing from posts to external webpages—on their profiles. The contemporary featured allotment is a factual opportunity to showcase the expert work you might possibly well maybe maybe possibly possibly even be most proud of. 
How to Add Media to the Featured Piece
In conjunction with impart material to the Featured allotment to your profile is modest. Prepare these steps. 
1. Locate the “Featured” allotment to your profile unswerving below the “About” allotment. 
2. Click on the “Add Featured” hyperlink
3. Snatch out which accomplish of impart material to characteristic.
4. To lift a post or article, lift the huge identify icon unswerving beneath the impart material you interact to characteristic
5. You might possibly well maybe add a link by typing the URL into the input topic as viewed below.
6. You too can furthermore add media from your laptop. For those that click the “+” beside “media,” your recordsdata will automatically appear.
What Kinds of State to Feature
The final note phase regarding the contemporary featured allotment is that you simply might possibly well maybe maybe possibly spotlight when it comes to something else. recommends that comprises impart material that is “advisor of your expert identity,” and that appears to be like fancy factual recommendation. You too can furthermore exercise the featured allotment to sell merchandise, purchase leads or existing adverts.
Listed below are some examples of how mavens are the usage of the contemporary “Featured” allotment.
Food stylist, Yasmin Alishav, makes exercise of the featured allotment to existing her pictures.Profession search coach, Sarah Johnston, makes exercise of the featured allotment to link to her commerce’s web page and a post in which she is featured.Composer and producer, Zac Lavender, spotlights videos of his work in his featured, Jon Shields, makes exercise of the featured allotment to link to the Jobscan explainer video and a recent weblog post. How will you exercise your featured allotment?
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